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Co-browsing: Share and Co-Navigate Any Web Page in Real-Time with Ve.rbatim.com

Robin Good: Ve.rbatim.com is a free web-based co-browsing tool which allows you to co-navigate with one or more people any web page, while being able to see the mouse cursor of your partner when desired.


The web app is very easy to use. You just click on "Start a sesson" on this page http://ve.rbatim.com/ and the new page that opens up has a URL that you can share with anyone you want to cobrowse with.


On this page you have an additional address bar in which you can input any url you want to cobrowse. An integrated text chat area is made visible by clicking on the large down arrow visibile on the top right side of your screen.


Free to use.


Check this video: http://youtu.be/XgeTWHSjhTQ


Google Chrome Extension: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/mjiigdnknfcmjgaapnimjbmopdfbkech


Try it out now: http://ve.rbatim.com/ ;


Via Robin Good, Dennis T OConnor
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