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Imagine if you could transform any physical object into a digital wall simply by placing a sticker on it.


What would you do?

Use unique QR codes and a mobile app to post photos, and messages on anything, turning each QR code into a unique conversation.

Qrawr, available for iOS, is free and produces a QR code that’s unique.

Qrawr then enables any person who scans it to both read what you originally had to say and/or see any image you have added; then, if they wish, they can add their very own text and/or image. Those who scan the item from that point onwards will get to read everything – what you had said, and what was added by those who came after you.

How about putting Qrawr QR codes in Library Books? Qrawr would let Library users give all that sharing a much deeper (and perhaps even more meaningful) layer.

Via John Dalziel