21st Century Teaching and Learning
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21st Century Teaching and Learning
21st Century Teaching and Learning Pedagogy, Approaches and Design
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Rescooped by Rob Hatfield, M.Ed. from Teaching English

A Framework for Differentiation

A Framework for Differentiation | 21st Century Teaching and Learning | Scoop.it

"Differentiation is adjusting and modifying what skills and concepts student learn, what materials the use, and/or how their learning is assessed based on the needs of the students.

Our students are not all the same, so we cannot expect that teaching a lesson one way will reach every student."

Via Beth Dichter, Mayumi Kashiwa
Rob Hatfield, M.Ed.'s insight:

Excellent resources for your teaching and learning environments. Thank you Mayumi for sharing.

Drora Arussy's curator insight, November 17, 2014 8:11 AM

We hopefully are all trying to differentiate, but sometimes we need that creative push and encouragement. This is a wonderful resource with printable infographics for coming work areas and links to concepts and other resources to really get you thinking in every direction outside of the box - each student will gain something out of you using this. 

Janet McQueen's curator insight, November 17, 2014 6:57 PM

These differentiation flowcharts will prompt teachers to make good decisions around scaffolding of student learning.  

Becky Roehrs's curator insight, November 17, 2014 7:08 PM

Check out concepts, assessments, and activities for differentiation...

Rescooped by Rob Hatfield, M.Ed. from Personalize Learning (#plearnchat)

Student-Centered Assessment Video Suite

Student-Centered Assessment Video Suite | 21st Century Teaching and Learning | Scoop.it

Students at the Center (www.studentsatthecenter.org)


Students at the Center synthesizes and adapts for practice current research on key components of student-centered approaches to learning. Our goal is to strengthen the ability of practitioners and policymakers to engage each student in acquiring the skills, knowledge, and expertise needed for success in college and a career. The edited volume of Students at the Center research papers Anytime, Anywhere: Student-Centered Learning for Schools and Teachers (2013) is available from Harvard Education Press.

Via Kathleen McClaskey
Rob Hatfield, M.Ed.'s insight:

Please review and bookmark the resources.

Kathleen McClaskey's curator insight, September 15, 2013 10:23 AM

Introducing a set of four videos that demonstrate student-centered assessments.


"What does student-centered assessment look like in the classroom? How do students benefit from this type of assessment? Why do teachers implement these practices in their classrooms? The Students at the Center project, in conjunction with Dr. Heidi Andrade, Ed.D. and the students and teachers from IS 223 (Brooklyn, NY), produced this suite of videos to begin to answer these questions for those wishing to implement more student-centered approaches in the classroom, school, district, or beyond."