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B2B Video Marketing; A primer on online video best practices; from planning to implementation to promotion.

Implementation excerpt...


-- >  Preparation of script and storyboard: Strong introduction, set up business challenge, showcase solution, call-to-action

-- >  Distribution strategy: website for engagement; landing page for conversion; YouTube channel; Vimeo and video syndication, Brightcove, email. A multi-media strategy works best.

-- >  Analytics, hosting, and feature add-ons:  Viewbix, Wistia, to name two I like.

-- >  SEO: title tags with keywords; meta description, video site map, thumbnail image, links, sharable with social links. Regarding YouTube descriptions:Promotion: Give viewers key benefits for viewing;

-- >  Optimize sharing due to message tone (interesting, humorous, surprising, unusual…a hook). However you deploy, mention “video” in your promotion to increase action

     0- Write a creative and informative description about your video.

     0- Your primary keywords should be near the beginning as only 25-30 characters are visible in YouTube search results. Include a link to your website, blog, and any other social channels.

     0- Put the URL at the beginning of your description so that the user will see the link at all times.

-- >  Conversion Optimization: Strong call-to-action (leads, downloads, next steps).  Make sure offer and URL is included with all videos.

-- >  Measure: Event tracking with Google Analytics; YouTube analytics, Tagged links on channels of distribution,  click rates, video views, social media shares and comments, Leads generated, ROI reporting



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