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Today at Adobe's EMEA Summit in London, the company announced several new features for Adobe Analytics and Adobe Media Optimizer, but the bigger news was the launch of Adobe Marketing Cloud Exchange. The Exchange is a collection of 150 apps and platforms with pre-built integrations for the Adobe Marketing Cloud, which include technologies such as Google DDM, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and Tableau.


In essence, Adobe is now giving its customers the choice to use whatever software they want outside the Adobe Marketing Cloud, and Adobe's solutions will integrate with it.  This means that a customer can build up an arsenal of marketing solutions from different vendors and not be restricted to using only the offerings of the integrated Marketing Cloud.  So for example, a brand using Adobe Analytics could then use Radian6/Buddy media for all its social media management, Marketo for its marketing automation and Salesforce for its CRM functions, and share all the data from those individual platforms.



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