Most customers now ignore targeted marketing campaigns, avoid responding to offers, and provide minimal feedback when asked. Instead, potential customers interact with each other, bypassing sanitized corporate messages devoid of meaning or value.


'Engagement' is dominating the business conversation these days because it is where the world is moving to. Everybody wants customer and employee engagement. Nice concept -- but how do you do it???


When I found this article, I said "Finally, here is how to think about this whole 'engagement' thing, and how to craft some next steps!"  The author clearly spells out what is involved in customer engagement.


The author Ray Wang shares 9 key components of successful engagement: 3 are people-centric values (the why & your starting point), 3 are delivery & communication styles (the how), and 3 are the right-time drivers (the when).


This is no easy task, and there's lots for you to figure out here as you grapple with these 9 components. I've already started making lists and jotting down ideas as I think about the culture of my small company, the community I serve and the steps I take to be credible (the 3 parts to the 3 people-centric values components).


Where do STORIES come into play? In how you connect with your communities (which stories to tell), the content you share, they are your catalysts, and your currencies -- which are all part of the 9 key components. Storytelling is woven through them all.


When you combine this article with the video from Amy O'Leary on "Beyond the Like Button: Digitally Addictive Storytelling & the Brain," you will move light years ahead in engaging customers and employees via stories and story sharing.


These 2 pieces are some of the best material I've curated lately -- and definitely keepers in my book.

Via Karen Dietz