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Rescooped by Roy Sheneman, PhD from Business Brainpower with the Human Touch

The Emotionally Intelligent Person’s Guide To Being Persuasive | Fast Company

The Emotionally Intelligent Person’s Guide To Being Persuasive | Fast Company | 21st Century Leadership | Scoop.it

You’re a pretty rational person, or so you think: You’re often good at thinking logically and keeping your feelings out of it, right?

Wrong. (Sorry!) It wasn’t long ago that people believed emotions and logic were two completely separate things, operating independently of one another. But breakthroughs in brain science have made it clear that that’s far from true. It turns out that our brains are incapable of making fully unemotional decisions. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, though. In fact, you can use that cognitive reality in your favor to build relationships, network, and gain influence.

Via The Learning Factor
The Learning Factor's curator insight, March 16, 5:57 PM

These ridiculously simple brain hacks can subtly encourage people to decide in your favor.

Vanessa Ong Li Wen's curator insight, March 19, 12:14 PM
I agree that at times, we need to angle our argument that targets one’s emotional capacity so as to strengthen the message we are trying to convey and be more persuasive. Although logic is an important factor in allowing people to understand what you are trying to say, simply informing them and convincing them are two separate matters. In essence, using positive emotions to encourage people to believe in you is the right way to go. Once they feel that they have established the connection with you, they will naturally be more inclined to believe whatever it is you are trying to say.
Scooped by Roy Sheneman, PhD

the Science Of Persuasion - Robert Cialdini

For more visit our blog at www.insideinfluence.com Animation describing the Universal Principles of Persuasion based on the research of Dr. Robert Cialdini, ...
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Rescooped by Roy Sheneman, PhD from Leadership Lite

15 Secrets of Highly Persuasive People

15 Secrets of Highly Persuasive People | 21st Century Leadership | Scoop.it

Whether you're convincing your boss to fund your project or your preschooler to wipe his own hiney after using the bathroom, persuasion is a skill that's instrumental to your success in life.

Persuasive people have an uncanny ability to get you leaning toward their way of thinking. Their secret weapon is likeability. They get you to like more than their ideas; they get you to like them.

Via The Learning Factor, Kevin Watson
donhornsby's curator insight, February 27, 2015 7:14 AM

(From the article): Persuasive people are adept at reading and responding to other people. They rely heavily on emotional intelligence (EQ) to bring people to their way of thinking. With 90% of top performers high in emotional intelligence, it's no wonder that persuasive people rely on this skill to get ahead. Add these skills to your repertoire, and you're on your way to joining this exclusive group.

Rhonda Harris's curator insight, February 27, 2015 10:05 AM

I wish I had that ability.  Great scoop

Graeme Reid's curator insight, March 1, 2015 7:09 PM

Some useful tips on how to enhance your influencing skills.