New Orcam device turns the world into speech for the blind | 21st Century Innovative Technologies and Developments as also discoveries, curiosity ( insolite)... |
OrCam is based on artificial intelligence and special algorithms built into a tiny computer that clips onto your eyeglasses.


Wearing an OrCam device clipped to her glasses, Negrin — who works for the company — can now do the smallest things that sighted people take for granted.

Just by pointing her finger at objects and listening to the device read the words and numbers, she can hand over money at the store without fear of being shortchanged. She can easily step on the right bus as it approaches her stop. And she can “read” the ingredients labels on products at the supermarket.

Costing about the same as a good hearing aid, the OrCam device is able to identify thousands of objects, including the faces of loved ones, dogs, buses, newspaper text and store signs, all with the point of the finger. Its voice system transmits the information to the wearer’s ear.