21st Century TESOL Resources
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21st Century TESOL Resources
21st Century TESOL Resources
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Rescooped by Rob Hatfield, M.Ed. from TELT

Give it a go: Teaching pronunciation to adults

Via Shona Whyte
Rob Hatfield, M.Ed.'s insight:

Thank you for sharing.

Shona Whyte's curator insight, October 10, 2013 9:25 AM

"This PD resource is an outcome of the research project “Language Training and Settlement Success: Are they related? (LTSS)” which was conducted as part of the Special Project Research Program 2008-2009. 

This electronic document contains some special interactive features:

Embedded audio clips you can listen to by clicking the speaker iconForm-like fields where you can enter responses to questionsThe ability to print your form responses"


Looks great: audio inserts, content and tips for teaching, free download. 

Vannessa MissoVeness's curator insight, October 15, 2013 12:52 AM

Thanks! It looks comprehensive and just when I need to work on pronunciation with a student.

Rescooped by Rob Hatfield, M.Ed. from UDL - Universal Design for Learning

UDL Studio: Deepening response to literature

UDL Studio: Deepening response to literature | 21st Century TESOL Resources | Scoop.it
UDL Studio, a free digital tool (funded largely by the Carnegie foundation) has recently been released by CAST. UDL studio is underpinned by the principles of Universal Design for Learning . UDL St...

Via Kathleen McClaskey
Rob Hatfield, M.Ed.'s insight:

Thank you for sharing, these are excellent resources.

Kathleen McClaskey's curator insight, May 19, 2013 6:42 PM

Here are some insights from the author of this article:


"UDL Studio offers templates to scaffold you or your students as you create content using multimodal elements, such as text, image¸ video, audio, and animation. You can explore the project library to view previous projects created by UDL studio users.


We really like the tips and resources page which asks you to reflect carefully on how the use of the digital tool enhances children’s understanding of text; enriches the reading experience; and represents information in an engaging manner. The plethora of free digital tools include:


>> Recording and editing software

>> Video search engines and editing software

>> Sources for images

>> Animation tools"



Joe Marlin 's curator insight, June 17, 2013 4:28 PM

A review of the program UDL Studio -" which enables anyone to create media-rich resources, to actively engage and motivate students, and to respond flexibly to the needs of each learner; thereby ensuring quality and equality in access to learning for all."