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How can Web 2.0 tools help support UDL Principle 2: the "how" of learning? Here are just a few example on how wikis, podcasts and blogs can provide "muliple means of expression".


How can wikis help?

> "Educators can post hyperlinks to demonstrations of multiple models of skilled performance

> Educators and students alike can offer ongoing relevant feedback to student contributions; students can contribute/alter content anonymously and still receive relevant feedback"


How can podcasts help?

> "Students can use podcasting and vodcasting to share what they know; these can be used as informal assessments (to guide educators in determining what to teach in the future) as well as for formal assessment"


How can blogs help?

> "Students can use text, graphics, video, voice/sound files, and other easy-to-create electronic tools to interact with the material and “show what they know”"


- From the course, SPED 210 (6210)|TRED 210 (6110): Universal Design for Learning - Implications for Career Assessment and Transition at The George Washington University


Via Kathleen McClaskey