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Personalized Learning is a major focus for the month of August during Connected Educator Month (CEM). Whenever you share about CEM, use their hashtag #ce12 and our hashtag #plearnchat.


Join us in a Connected Educator Kick-off Event on...

August 2 - Thursday, 1:00pm Eastern Time
Title: It's Personal - Helping Every Student

Description: Serving every student (From Gifted to Special Needs), and how connecting educators could help in this effort.


Join us in our Personalize Learning Blog Series


> August 9 - Thursday, 1:00pm Eastern Time
Session 1: Personalization vs Differentiation vs Individualization

> August 16 - Thursday, 1:00pm Eastern Time
Session 2: The Stages of Personalized Learning Environments

> August 23 - Thursday, 1:00pm Eastern Time
Session 3: The Missing Piece: The Learner

> August 30 - Thursday, 1:00pm Eastern Time
Session 4: Racing to the Top to Personalize Learning


Personalize Learning is a Participating Organization of Connected Educator Month!



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