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By Jon Mitchell, originally published Aug. 24, 2011


"Today, a NYC-based startup called Jux has launched a personal publishing platform that kicks a field goal right over the heads of Tumblr and the post-blogging crowd. It's a big, beautiful, dynamic tool full of splashy images and sharp Web fonts. It offers six kinds of basic posts: BlockQuote, Article, Photo, Video, SlideShow, and CountDown. You start from there and build huge, full-screen posts that suck the viewer in. It's like a blog that can crank out whole About.me or Flavors.me pages for every post. You have to see itto get how powerful it is.


"Power, of course, is not everything when it comes to publishing. Jux isn't lean like Posterous or clean like WordPress, whose publishing platform powers nearly 15% of the world's websites. Compared to blog posts that feel more like pages, a Jux post is more like a Times Square billboard. It takes some time to load. There's an animated loading bar between screens, especially when editing. But it's worth the wait. Perusing a Jux profile is like taking a deep dive into someone's ideas."


I just came across Jux. It strikes me as a powerful, (relatively) new way to publish on the web. It can also be used to replace presentation apps such as PowerPoint and Prezi. There's a lot happening here. -JL

Via Jim Lerman, tom jackson