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21st century education
Future trends in education, including leadership, educational technology and philosophy.
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Scooped by Pippa Davies @PippaDavies

The Kid in You Can Now Play With Legos From a Browser

The Kid in You Can Now Play With Legos From a Browser | 21st century education | Scoop.it
Now you can relive a favorite childhood pastime from your browser or mobile device.
Pippa Davies @PippaDavies 's insight:

Game based learning goes one step further with Google Chrome and Lego play.  

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Rescooped by Pippa Davies @PippaDavies from HCS Learning Commons Newsletter

LEGO Digital Designer 4.3.8

LEGO Digital Designer 4.3.8 | 21st century education | Scoop.it
Get your kids to design LEGO models

Via Gust MEES, Pippa Davies @PippaDavies
Pippa Davies @PippaDavies 's insight:

Design and play all mixed in together to make learning fun and exciting!  Five stars for this design oriented game which your male students will love!

Gust MEES's curator insight, December 9, 2013 10:50 AM


LEGO Digital Designer is quite simply the best virtual building system out there – with its “Click-Stick” method of 3D modelling winning praise from children, parents, teachers and design enthusiasts everywhere. 

Learn more:


Pippa Davies @PippaDavies 's curator insight, December 10, 2013 11:58 AM

Many of my students love this tool and it can be used for fine arts as well!  

J Weidenbenner's curator insight, January 3, 2014 9:05 AM

Legos for learning, anyone?