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Long before today's pharmaceutical industry, civilizations treated illness with diets meant to balance one's humors (Greeks), yin and yang (Chinese) or doshas (Ayurveda). Whatever the bodily ailment or concern, food in the form of herbs, spices, barks, teas, soups and what-have you was administered to make a body better. This age-old notion is regaining traction, and represents a growing trend in the American health and wellness arena today.

Consumers are more engaged than ever trying out new foods and diets in hopes of curing what ails them or preventing ailments to which they are susceptible. Consumers' participation in uncovering and treating various conditions with food is part of this era's DIY-care mentality. Hobbled with healthcare issues and economic woes, while simultaneously emboldened by innumerable Internet pages and a growing understanding and acceptance of alternative medical systems -Traditional Chinese Medicine with its acupuncture, holistic medicine and its tinctures, naturopathy and even yoga-consumers have never had more motivation or ammunition for finding new cures themselves, especially diet-related ones.

The wellness ingredients profiled in this report all have this ancient medicinal wisdom element in common. These ingredients have been consumed for healthfulness by cultures around the world for centuries, and are finding new life today in natural food stores as well as the natural food aisles in mainstream grocery stores.

Stage 1: Healing Spices - Holy basil and turmeric are two Ayurvedic staples situated at Stage 1 but gaining momentum in the health food world as functional ingredients with therapeutic properties. Boasting digestive and mental health benefits, these spices are being incorporated into teas, nut butters and energy bars.

Stage 2: Hemp - Although industrial hemp production remains illegal in much of the U.S., the market for hemp products is flourishing. Hemp seed is the edible part of the hemp plant, and it packs quite a nutritional punch. No wonder it's become a healthful booster to everything from nut bars to milk to salad dressing.

Stage 2: The New (Old) Fermented Foods - Fermented foods like miso, kasu, tempeh and pu-erh tea are rapidly gaining adherents as consumers seek out foods that are less processed and more nutrient-rich. Benefits range from an ability to improve digestion to naturally high protein content, and these imported superfoods can enhance taste, too.

Stage 2: Sprouted Foods - Health-focused manufacturers are sprouting wheat, rice and other grains, nuts and seeds and using them as a base for wholesome grain goods that offer more nutrition and are more digestible than similar products made without sprouted grains.

Table of Contents :

Executive Overview
Why Wellness Ingredients? - Kimberly Egan
Executive Summary
Trend Summary
Stage 1 - Healing Spices
Stage 2 - Hemp
- The New (Old) Fermented Foods
- Sprouted Foods
Stage 3 - Grass-fed Meat & Dairy
- Agave Nectar
Stage 5 - DHA
Chef Speak: CCD Chefs’ Council® Voices
Nam Singh: Finding a Healthful Balance
Strategic Implications
Opportunities for Wellness Ingredients
Source List

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