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European Payments Planning Review

• The Payment Services Directive (PSD) and the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) make cross-border payments as easy, efficient and secure as 'national' payments within a Member State of Europe. This payment system has enabled banks to look for more innovative services to their clients, particularly around corporate information services, e-payments, m-payments and e-invoicing
• This report covers the different opinions of various national banks in the Europe region
• It provides in-depth knowledge of single payment systems across nations
• Future growth of the European trading system with the help of PSD and SEPA systems is discussed
• The report also discusses the limitations of the PSD and SEPA systems

The survey by the Financial Services Club on Payment Services Directive (PSD) and the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) gave a greater insight into the single payment system in the European region. Overall, 64% of banks and 67% of infrastructure providers believe interpretation at country level is an issue. The Austrian, Belgian, Swedish and Swiss all say there is no consistency of interpretation, and the Spanish and Swedish all state that the implementation is inconsistent.

• This report will allow you:
• To understand the opinions of different banks at a national level on PSD and SEPA
• To understand the major challenges faced by the trading system with the current single payment systems
• To analyze the impact of government practices on the European payment planning system
• Understand the various practices followed by the various payment institutions

Reasons To Buy
• Provides detailed analysis of various payment systems in the European region
• There is a special emphasis on the opinions of various national banks across Europe
• The report focuses on the impact of the European single payment planning system on the trading system
• Provides in-depth analysis of the challenges faced by current payment institutions

Key Highlights
• SEPA and PSD implementations are replacing the current payment systems.
• Most of the respondents provide positive opinion towards the European payment planning system.
• Various payment institutions have shared their views and also discussed the future challenges of the single payment system.

Table of Contents :


1 Executive Summary
2 Introduction
2.1 Mobile Banking Defined
2.2 The Development of Mobile Banking
2.3 The Relationship between Banks and Mobile Carriers
2.4 Summary
3 The Business Case: Mobile Industry Growth Shaping New Scenarios for Mobile Banking
3.1 The New Frontier for Mobile Banking Services
3.2 The Global Penetration of Mobile Phone Subscriptions Doubled since 2000
3.3 Mobile Network Operations: The Latest Passenger on the Mobile Financial Services Express
3.4 Mobile Evolution to Amplify Internet Penetration: 3G Networks in 159 Countries
3.5 Mobile Handset Manufacturers: What is their Role in Mobile Financial Services?
3.6 Handset Producers and Banks: The Nokia Money Case
3.7 Mobile Operative Systems and Mobile Payments: The Google Checkout Case
3.8 Mobile Growth and the Technological Revolution: Opportunities for Mobile Banking and Payments
3.8.1 Developed economies
3.8.2 Emerging economies
3.9 Anytime and Anywhere: The Convenience of Mobile Financial Services for Consumers
3.1 What are the Key Features of Mobile Financial Services?
3.10.1 Ubiquity
3.10.2 Immediacy
3.10.3 Localization
3.10.4 Instant connectivity
3.10.5 Pro-active functionality
3.10.6 High security
3.11 What are the Advantages of Mobile Financial Services?
3.11.1 Context-specific services
3.11.2 Spontaneous decisions
3.12 Summary
4 Generating Revenue Through Value-Added Services
4.1 Leveraging the Unique Characteristics of the Mobile Channel
4.2 Mobile Banking Products
4.2.1 Basic transactions
4.2.2 SMS alerts
4.2.3 Mobile brokerage
4.2.4 Transaction authentications

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