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Petroleum Coke Industry to 2015 - Strong Demand Growth Driven by Increased Focus on Fuel Diversification



Company, the industry analysis specialist, has released its latest research, Petroleum Coke Industry to 2015 - Strong Demand Growth Driven by Increased Focus on Fuel Diversification. The study, which is an offering from the companys Petrochemical Research Group, provides in-depth analysis of the Global petroleum coke industry, with production forecasts, key trends, drivers, restraints and challenges until 2015. The study provides detailed analysis and forecasts of industry trends affecting the global petroleum coke industry. The report includes historic and future forecasts of petroleum coke production, demand, imports and exports for major countries. The report discusses the effect of industry shift towards heavy crude on petroleum coke production. It also discusses about the emergence of petroleum coke as an alternate energy source to coal. It analyses the trend of increasing consumption of petroleum coke by the cement and power industry. The pricing scenario of petroleum coke in major countries and the factors affecting the prices are also give in the report. Overall, the report presents a comprehensive analysis of the Global Petroleum coke market, covering all the major parameters. The report is built using data and information sourced from proprietary databases, primary and secondary research and in-house analysis by Company Researchs team of industry experts.

Petroleum coke has made significant inroads in the cement and power industry and has started giving competition to coal. Petroleum coke is an excellent, inexpensive product to blend with coal in traditional coal fired boilers. Production costs associated with petcoke are minimal because it is a byproduct of the refining process, and prices are generally determined by the competitive steam coal price.

In 2000, the Global petroleum coke demand was 62 MMTPA which increased to 93 MMTPA in 2010 increasing at a CAGR of 4%. In 2015 the demand for petroleum coke is expected to increase to 148 MMTPA. It is increasingly being used as an alternative to coal for energy purposes.


The report provides in-depth analysis, market opportunities and challenges for manufacturers of petroleum coke, worldwide. It contains detailed information about the Global petroleum coke industry, demand and production forecasts, and trade balance of major countries in the world. Its scope includes -
- Drivers, restraints and challenges faced by the global petroleum coke industry.
- Coverage of major petroleum coke market in key regions: Asia-Pacific, Europe, North America, South and Central America, and Middle East and Africa.
- Analysis of the current scenario in major petroleum coke producing regions in the world.
- Effect of industry shift towards heavier crude on petroleum code production
- Demand and production data of major petroleum coke producing countries from 2000 to 2010, and forecast for five years to 2015.
- Details of end use consumption of petroleum coke in major countries
- Pricing scenario of petroleum coke in major countries
- Future outlook of the global petroleum coke industry

Reasons to buy

The report will enhance your decision making capability in a more rapid and time sensitive manner -
- Develop business strategies with the help of specific insights on the global petroleum coke market.
- Identify opportunities and trends in the global petroleum coke industry.
- Increase future revenue and profitability with the help of insights on the future opportunities and critical success factors in the global petroleum coke.
- Gain valuable insights on the pricing scenario of petroleum coke industry.


Table of Contents :


1.1 List of Tables 5
1.2 List of Figures 5
2 Introduction 6
2.1 Overview 6
2.2 Company Report Guidance 7
3 Global Petroleum Coke Industry 8
4 Delayed Coking - The Dominant Process for Production of Petroleum Coke 9
5 Global Shift Towards Heavy Crude - A Boon to the Petroleum Coke Industry 11
5.1 Surge in Production and Demand for Petroleum Coke 12
5.2 Fuel Grade Petroleum Coke Accounts For 75% of Global Petroleum Coke Production 14
6 Petroleum Coke - Competing With Coal As An Energy Source 15
6.1 Cement and Power Industry Driving the Demand for Petroleum Coke 15
7 Global Petroleum Coke Industry, Market Scenario of Fuel Grade Petroleum Coke, 2000-2015 17
7.1 North America - To Maintain Its Position as a Leading Supplier of Fuel Grade Petroleum Coke 17
7.1.1 Canada - Emerging as a Leading Exporter of Fuel Grade Petroleum Coke on Account of Large Oil Sand Deposits 17
7.1.2 The US - The Hub of Delayed Coking Operations Set to Maintain its Position as the Largest Producer and Market for Fuel Grade Petroleum Coke 19
7.2 Asia Pacific - Led By India and China, Emerging As the Leading Petroleum Coke Market 21
7.2.1 China - Worlds Largest Cement Industry Driving Fuel Grade Petroleum Coke Consumption 21
7.2.2 India - Strong End Use Sector Growth and Increased Feedstock Diversification Driving the Demand for Fuel Grade Petroleum Coke 23
7.2.3 Japan - Heavy Reliance on Imports Due to Low Production Growth 25
7.3 South and Central America - Availability of Heavy Crude, Boosting Fuel Grade Petroleum Coke Supply 27
7.3.1 Venezuela - Oil Rich Orinoco Region Fuelling Petroleum Coke Production 27
7.3.2 Brazil - Cement Industry Shift towards Petroleum Coke Fuelling Demand 29
7.3.3 Mexico - High Consumption by Cement and Power Industry Driving Demand for Fuel Grade Petroleum Coke 31

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