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Hospital Acquired Infections: Testing Markets


A nosocomial, or hospital-acquired, infection is a new infection that develops in a patient during hospitalization. It is usually defined as an infection that is identified at least forty-eight to seventy-two hours following admission, so infections incubating, but not clinically apparent, at admission are excluded. This type of infection is also known as a hospital-acquired infection (or more generically healthcare-associated infections). The following are among the hospital infections considered in this report:

•Acinetobacter Baumannii
•Clostridium Difficile
•Hospital-Acquired Pneumonia
•Pseudomonas Aeruginosa
•Staphylococcus Aureus
•Urinary Tract Infections
•Vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus
•Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia

This report focuses on testing for nosocomial infections. The major consideration is given to bacterial nosocomial infections because a) they are the most frequent type of infections spread in the hospital setting, and b) the practical aspects of diagnosis and therapy are more meaningful based both on medial considerations and on market considerations. This report Hospital Acquired Infection Testing Markets looks at the market for diagnostics that address the growing nosocomial infection threat. As part of its coverage, the report includes the following information:

•Market Size Estimate and Growth Forecast for the HAI Diagnostics Market
•Issues and Trends Affecting Market
•Common Hospital (nosocomial) Infections
•Nosocomial Infection Statistics
•International Hospital Length of Stay Statistics
•The Role of Molecular Tests vs. Traditional
•Corporate Profiles of Key Suppliers

Market analysis in this report considers primarily the epidemiological considerations and the sizes patient groups both in the United States and globally, where available. We have accumulated the most recent data available, understanding that virtually no organization does extensive studies on these applications on a regular basis. Many studies are highly localized and may only apply to a community, state or country (more often countries that are not a part of the major markets for nosocomial diagnostic and therapeutic products). In many instances, we have had to draw from broader epidemiologic data, that is, on data that reach outside of the hospital environment in order to try and construct a picture of the nosocomial testing and treatment needs.


Table of Contents :



•Infection Control Summary
•Scope and Methodology
•Total Size and Growth of the Market
•Issues and Trends Affecting Market
•Leading Competitors


?Introduction to Pathogens
?Classification of Antibacterial Organisms
?Common Hospital (nosocomial) Infections
•Hospital Units and Infection Risks
?Burn Units
?Intensive Care Units
?Emergency Departments
?General Infection Statistics
?Nosocomial Infection Statistics
?Hospital Length of Stay
?Populations at Risk for Infection
•Demographics of the World
?Life Expectancy
•Economic Trends
?Comparison Between Healthcare Spending and Real Health Outcomes
•Infections and Drug Resistance
?Causes of Drug Resistance
?Drug Resistance in Select Populations
?Measures for Reducing Resistance
?Screening Hospitalized patients
•Prevention Measures
?Potential Use of Copper for Reducing Infection
?Wide Area Disinfection Methods
?Software for Infection Detection and Control
•The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009
?U.S. Statewide Standardized Infection Ratio
?State Level Case Study of HAI Admissions and Readmissions
?John T. Mather Memorial Hospital/Cepheid-Case Study
•Manufacturer and Marketer Trends
?Trends in Partnerships and Alliances
?Developers Trends

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