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Healthy 50+ Americans: Trends and Opportunities in the Emerging Wellness Market

This report focuses on the market potential of the 26 million “Healthy Consumers” who are 50 years old and over and who are pursuing a wellness regime that includes healthy eating and regular exercise. Anchored by boomers who firmly believe that getting older means getting better, Packaged Facts’ Healthy 50+ Americans: Trends and Opportunities in the Emerging Wellness Market offers marketers a look into the future of an America where 50+ consumers will generate an increasingly large share of consumer spending power.

With an aggregate household income of $1 trillion, Healthy 50+ Consumers are prime targets for marketers of a wide range of consumer goods and services. Compared to others in their age group, they have higher household incomes and are more confident about the economy as a whole as well as their own financial futures. Healthy 50+ Consumers shop more often, dine out more regularly and travel more frequently. Healthy 50+ Consumers represent a demanding but lucrative consumer segment. For example, they look for quality when they buy clothes and seek out natural and organic products in the aisles of supermarkets and on the shelves of drug stores.

The report begins with a chapter on trends affecting the 50+ health and wellness consumer market and opportunities generated by Healthy 50+ Consumers and a chapter assessing the size and growth of the Healthy 50+ Consumer market. A chapter detailing the core values of 50+ consumers who aspire to health and wellness is followed by an analysis of the fitness activities and healthy eating habits of Healthy 50+ Consumers and an overview of their health management practices. The report continues with a chapter analyzing the financial status and financial management practices of Healthy 50+ Consumers and a chapter exploring their shopping and buying habits. The report concludes with an in-depth review of the leisure and entertainment choices of Healthy 50+ Consumers.

Table of Contents :


Chapter 1 Executive Summary



Overview of the Report

Scope and Methodology

Scope of Report


Trends and Opportunities

Aging Boomers and Wellness Concerns Converge to Shift Thinking about Getting Old

50+ Population Will Grow Much Faster than Under-50 Segment

Spending by 50+ Consumers Outpaces Those under 50

Healthy 50+ Consumers Have Even More to Spend

Confidence High among Healthy 50+ Consumers

Wealth and Wellness after 50 Go Hand in Hand

Wellness after 50 Tied to Healthy Eating

Healthy 50+ Consumers Key Segment for Travel Industry

Overview of the Market

More than 25 Million 50+ Consumers Live in Wellness Zone

Women in the Vanguard of March to Wellness

Healthy 50+ Consumers Highly Diverse

Marriage Brings Good Health to 50+ Consumers

Full-time Professional Employment More Likely among Healthy Boomers

Affluence More Common

Number of Healthy 50+ Consumers Will Approach 29 Million in 2015

Aggregate Household Income of Healthy 50+ Consumers Will Total $1.3 Trillion in 2015

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