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Flat Glass Market in India 2012


The flat glass market in India has been growing at a steady pace due to the huge demand it generates from the real estate and automotives sector.

The report begins with the introduction section which offers a brief insight of the glass industry. It then moves to the market overview section which provides an insight of the Indian glass industry with focus on flat glass market highlighting on the market size and growth. Then the report explains the domestic sales in last four years as well as increase in production along with the forecast till 2016. Per capita consumption of glass has been highlighted. Also, break up of the flat glass along with the increase in cost of production has been highlighted. Per capita consumption of flat glass has been highlighted along with a comparison with other countries. Various types of glass have been charted. Furthermore, the major types of glass used in the real estate sector have been depicted. The report also gives a section on export and import data and facts for container glass market. The next section entails the distribution channel for an effective understanding of the flow of finished glass containers from manufacturers to the final consumers.

In the next section emerging types of glass has been found out where the market size and growth rate of these sectors has been shown. An analysis of the drivers explains the factors for growth of the industry that include robust growth and increased use of glass in real estate and automotive sector. Also value added glass is of huge demand in India causing the flat glass market to grow. Also factors favoring the growth of flat glass are glass is widely used in solar products, energy conservation. The relative cost advantage of making glass also works out in favor of India. The challenges include stiff competition from China and rise in price of soda ash which increases the manufacturing cost of flat glass. The trends section includes high demand for value added glass, decorative glasses with digital print technology and also certain strategic investments made.

The competition section gives overview of flat glass manufacturers in India. The competition section shows a graph depicting the price over a period of six years. It includes elaborate profile of the major players in the market along with their financial analysis. Porters Five Forces Analysis has been incorporated for a brief but effective understanding of the market scenario.

The strategic recommendations section focuses on some effective strategic decisions which can be taken up by companies to increase their market share

Table of Contents :


Slide 1: Executive summary

Slide 2: Introduction

Market Overview
Slide 3: Indian Glass Market – Overview, Size, & Growth (Value Wise: 2010-16e),
Market Segmentation
Slide 4: Market Overview: Flat Glass – Market Size (Value Wise: 2010-2016e); Growth in
production (2010-2016e); Flat Glass: Domestic Sales (2008-09-2011-12)
Slide 5: Flat Glass: Major Segmentation - Break up of flat glass market; Average cost of
Production: Break up
Slide 6-7: Types of flat glass
Slide 8: Flat Glass: Sectoral Demand- Major sectoral demand- Flat glass; Per capita
Consumption (2010-2016e); Per capita consumption- Comparison
Slide 9: Major types of glass used in real estate; Renovation budget for glass
Slide 10: Factors affecting the demand of architectural glass

Export – Import
Slide 11: EXIM snapshot (Value Wise: 2008-2011)
Slide 12: EXIM flat glass segmentation by product (Value Wise: 2008-2011)

Distribution Channel
Slide 13: Distribution channel from business to business (B to B)

Emerging Flat Glass Types
Slide 14-15: Laminated glass: Market Share, Market Size (Value Wise: 2011-2015e),
laminated glass usage
Slide 16: Solar Glass: Market Size (mn sq metres: 2010-2016e)

Drivers & Challenges
Slide 17: Summary
Slide 18-28: Drivers
Slide 29-31: Challenges

Slide 32: Summary
Slide 33-35: Key Trends

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