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Courier Market in India 2012


Global trade boom and sudden upsurge of e-commerce market is significantly boosting the courier market in India. A Courier is essentially a person or company that is engaged in transporting, dispatching and delivering messages, packages and mail at some extra cost. The service is distinctive by its premium services like speed, security, tracking, signature, committed delivery time and specialized & individualized service in comparison normal postal services.

The report begins with an introduction section that gives a total overview of the logistics sector and its components. Thereafter, the section provides an elaborate understanding of courier as a service that entails super fast delivery of consignments within 70kgs of weight.

The introduction section is then followed by the market overview of the courier market. The section demonstrates the current market size along with forecasted market size and growth rate that would be prevalent in the market till 2016. The section also deals with percent revenue split by operators, segmentation by type of consignment, segmentation by expanse of operation and mode of courier transport. It is also provided with a section of sectors that are heavily dependant on courier and volume of business acquired from these sectors.

The report covers segmentation of courier market by type of service, by mode of transport and by type of item. Next, the report exhaustively elaborates the distribution channel that the players in the market follow. Additionally, the globally prevalent network types have been discussed elaborately with a clear understanding of the distribution network followed by Indian courier companies.

The report also covers a section on business models that incorporates a revenue model for selected key players and franchisee model portraying the requirements and its role and responsibility of taking up a courier franchisee with the estimated breakeven time period and the expected return on investment.

The key issues that are plaguing the market include delivery snags, e-billing popularity and growing internet accessibility. The report then elaborates the drivers and challenges that the industry is facing in current market scenario. It provides a comprehensive set of factors which boosts and hinders the growth of the market. Some of the key drivers include global trade boom, growth in e-commerce, financial institutions dependence on courier, growing business of private telecom sector and seasonal business upsurge due to occasions. The factors hindering the market growth can be summarized to be poor infrastructure, poor warehousing and delay in clearances.

The section is then followed by technology trends prevalent in the sector. Technologies catering to identification, material handling, communication and information and warehouse management software can help in scaling up efficiency of the logistics sector and keeping tab on the status of the cargo in transit.

Table of Contents :

Slide 1: Executive summary

Slide 2: Logistics Sector: Overview
Slide 3: Understanding of courier and transport modes utilized
Slide 4: Distinguishing features of courier service

Market Overview
Slide 5: Courier Market – Overview, Size and Growth (Value-wise 2011 to 2016e)
Slide 6-7: Segmentation by Type of Consignment, Expanse of Operation and Mode of Transport
Slide 8: Sectors critically dependent on courier service

Courier Service Segmentation
Slide 9-10: Courier service segmentation by type, by mode of transport and by type of item

Distribution Channel
Slide 11: Distribution channel of courier market

Service Network Types
Slide 12-13: Service Network Types

Business Model
Slide 14: Revenue Model Comparison – Courier Companies
Slide 15-16: Franchisee Model

Key Issues
Slide 17: Summary
Slide 18-21: Key issues faced by courier market

Drivers & Challenges
Slide 22: Summary
Slide 23-30: Drivers
Slide 31-34: Challenges

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