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Seven deadly sins of teacher development - news - TES

Is your professional development beset by superficiality or gluttony? Repent now and focus on what really matters - learning quality
Silvana Richardson's insight:

Sound advice for those engaged facilities tasting and supporting the CPD of teachers. 

Debra Marsh, Head of Teacher Professional Development@Macmillan's curator insight, October 16, 2015 9:51 AM

This is an excellent point - especially when applied to the use of technology in our classrooms.

"Hundreds of sources of wonderful ideas exist to improve and enliven teaching. Many of us will try to get the gist of one of those ideas over a quick cup of coffee and then rush off to try it out. The trouble with this approach is that, by not taking the time to understand the underlying theory, we are likely to apply the idea out of context without adapting it for our classroom."

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Online Teacher Development Works Best - 15 Reasons Why

Online Teacher Development Works Best - 15 Reasons Why | Silvana Richardson |

I've started this article with quite a bold statement, but it's a conclusion that I have been coming too over the course of quite a few years now. I should really put this into context though, as most of the teacher training I do deals with pedagogical training for the use of technology and is most often delivered during intensive face to face sessions, usually with groups of teachers working in a computer lab. Though, having said that, I do still believe that many of the reasons I have listed below do also apply to other kinds of more 'mainstream' teacher development too, especially intensive courses.

Via Nik Peachey
Susan's comment, September 6, 2012 4:08 AM
Great article Nik. I totally agree!