Faster and better content creation

Faster and better content creation

Research, ideate and validate what content to publish.
Create blog posts faster by curating content to your website.


Creating engaging content is costly and takes time.

How can you publish more content that drives website traffic? Content Director


Content marketing automation for ROI-driven marketers

Be inspired by the best content on your topics and keywords’s research engine lets you find out the best content on any keyword. Filter by format or date. Rank by popularity, freshness or relevance. Get some inspiration and learn how to make your own content stand out.

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Smart suggestion engine

Just enter a few keywords: we’ll find content personalized to your topics that you can ideate from or publish.



Apply filters to zoom in on specific content types or sources. Sort by freshness or relevance.



Our algorithms are smart and will learn from your actions to prioritize content that meets your needs.

Leverage content curation for faster and better content creation

Publish curated content in minutes directly to your website

Create blog posts 4-8x faster by annotating curated content and publishing them to your website. Content Director lets you quote, edit and enrich third-party content and automatically formats the result to fit your site’s look and feel.

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Quote, edit and annotate

Your curated posts are pre-formatted automatically but you can edit them at will for greater impact.


Edit or upload images

Select the perfect image from the original post you’re curating or add your own image to make it more unique.



Hit publish or schedule. will automatically format your curated post to match your website’s template.

Turn Google Docs or web pages into perfectly formatted blog posts

Beyond content suggestions, Content Director lets you publish anything you read online thanks to our bookmarklet. And with our Google Docs integration, you can also save time collaborating and authoring original content.

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scoop-it-button-bluecreatenewcontentWorks with Google Drive

Turn Google Docs into WordPress posts 

Works with Google Drive

Google Docs integration

Review and edit blog posts in Google Docs. Schedule them to your blog through Content Director.


Publish what you read

Leverage what you read: the bookmarklet let’s you curate and publish any webpage on the fly.


Create original content

Start from a picture, a document or a simple idea: the template lets you create simple posts easily.

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