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[Replay] How to drive more shares and traffic to your content

Find out how you can drive more traffic and more shares than any of your competitors.  If you want to double your shares or traffic, join us and we’ll show you how!

[Replay] Is less more in content marketing? A data-driven answer

Is less more in content marketing? We used content intelligence to back our research and contribute to the quantity vs quality debate in content marketing. If you want to know the answer, watch replay!

What is content intelligence – How data-driven marketers will dominate

Content Intelligence is defined as technology that provides data and insights on owned and third-party content to increase results from marketing.

[Replay] Stop letting your content fall flat: how to spread your stories like wildfire

Catch up on our webinar with content marketing expert Ross Simmonds – he covered a handful of different strategies and tactics that you can take to help your content soar and spread like wildfire.

[Replay] Your guide to creating unicorn content by discovering and capitalizing on topic trends

Stop ignoring data: watch content marketing influencer Julia Mc Coy create trending, high-ranking content for her audience!

[Replay] How to scale social media publishing without doing more work

How can your team increase social publishing without creating tons of new content?

[Replay] Your content should generate sales leads from day one

Content marketing is a slow and steady process. Too often, salespeople don’t use the content produced by marketing because it wasn’t produced with the sales plan in mind.

[Replay] Content measurement and optimization: how to identify and leverage your content champions

Learn how content marketing influencer Andy Crestodina get more traffic in less time.

[Replay] Lead magnets 101- Best practices, useful tools and examples

Lead magnets have always been a powerful tool for marketers. and content marketing influencer Barry Feldman give you their secrets to create effective lead magnets, and how they will help you achieve higher conversion rates.

The Content Strategy & Marketing Course | Julia McCoy

Julia will take you through personal mentorship and offers you 80+ lessons on the topic. Special offer: Get a free, signed copy of Julia’s bestseller, Practical Content Strategy & Marketing. Email via with the headline Scoopit Free Book and send your address.

eBook – How to create killer content with data-driven insights

Want to create that stands out and produce better results, faster? You need to embrace content intelligence and we wrote an actionable guide to help you get started.

eBook – Why content marketing works, and… why it doesn’t

The complete guide to understand what will make you succeed or fail at content marketing, and 8 steps to beat the content marketing paradox.

eBook – 6 ways to skyrocket your ROI with content marketing automation

Content marketing automation is your best bet because it helps you work faster and more efficiently throughout the various stages of content marketing. To go even further, it helps you find improvement opportunities in a few clicks.

Beyond excel: modernize your content marketing

Excel is not sufficient for strategic content marketing. In this post, we explain why you should consider automation to modernize your content marketing.

eBook – The 5 crucial steps to measure content performance

Measuring the ROI of content marketing has never been an easy task, yet it’s vital to identify what works, what doesn’t, and therefore improve.

eBook – How to design a content strategy that generates leads from day one

With the right methodology, you can design a content marketing strategy that will not just help you build the right audience but drive conversions from the very beginning.

eBook – All content should convert: build your content marketing machine

A good content strategy is one key success factor for lead generation, but it’s only the 1st step of the process. Get our eBook and let us walk you through the different steps of building an effective, high-converting content marketing machine.

How to assemble a killer content team

Content marketing is effective, and increasingly more effective than advertising. If you need advice on how to assemble a killer content team, you should read this post!

The complete guide to optimizing the content marketing lifecycle

Content Marketing has become critical for marketers. Learn how to optimize the Content Marketing Lifecycle to make your content marketing successful.

How to strategize your content marketing for success

To succeed, marketers must optimize every phase of the content marketing lifecycle, starting with strategy. Learn how to strategize your content for success

Quantity vs quality: why a balance is key to content marketing success

It can be difficult to consistently create high-quality content. Learn how to find the right balance between content quantity vs quality for your strategy.

What format should I focus on? eBooks, white papers, blog posts?

Is it better to generate a few leads every day through a dynamic blog or to generate a massive amount of leads every month through a white paper or eBook?

Content curation: your best bet if you’re looking to save time and money

Content curation should be a daily habit for all marketers! Let me dig down into the benefits you’ll enjoy if you start curating content – and curate the sources to prove all of those benefits.

The #1 step you need to take to maximize your content reach

Creating impactful content is good but it’s not enough. Learn how to maximize your content reach & leverage your organic distribution to its full potential.

A simple guide to promote your content in 2016

Creating content is important, yet it’s not enough to succeed on its own. Learn how to promote your content in phase 4 of the content marketing lifecycle.

How to analyze your content to generate maximum content marketing ROI

In order to succeed with content marketing, you need to measure the effectiveness of your efforts. Learn how to analyze your content to generate maximum ROI

Get your content to generate 2-3x more results by using organic content amplification

Find out how to get your content to generate 2-3x more results by using organic content amplification.

10 techniques to successfully amplify your content marketing

If you want to generate better results, you have to do more than just produce content. Learn how to amplify your content to maximize distribution and impact

How technology will shape the future of content marketing

Why and how technology will help marketers become smarter, faster and stronger.

All content should convert: how to align content marketing and lead generation

All types of content should convert. Discover some techniques to make content marketing and lead generation work together.