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Content marketing analytics

Prove and improve your content marketing ROI.

Detailed content marketing analytics

56% of marketers don’t have clarity on their content marketing success.

Don’t be one of them! Content Director


Content marketing automation for ROI-driven marketers.

Eliminate the guesswork

Easily break down your content marketing ROI across fundamental KPI’s to understand where your bottlenecks are: Volume, Amplification, Traffic and Leads.

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Visualize how you stack up against your content publishing goals on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.


Amplification and traffic

Measure the number of shares and the amount of traffic generated on a post by post basis.



Attribute leads to individual pieces of content to understand the impact of your content on revenue generation.


Visualize your content marketing performance

Powerful and gorgeous analytics to easily understand and report how your content efforts are paying off.

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Time-based reports

You can add blogs or media sites by simply entering their URL or by uploading an OPML file.


Post-by-post reports

Our system suggests new sources based on what you publish and lets you add any website on the fly.


Contributor reports automatically filters your sources for content matching your keywords.

Track, analyze and make smarter decisions

Make your content marketing lean by experimenting, learning, amplifying what works and fixing what doesn’t.

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Track views

Understand how much traffic your content generates for your website: overall as well as post by post.


Track leads

Add our javascript tracker to your landing pages to report and attribute content-generated conversions.


UTM tracking

Define specific campaigns for your content by using UTM tracking with Google Analytics or any other system.

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